My Role

UX, Visual Design


Mural, UX Strategy, UI Design


Tungsten Network

The Problem

In order to improve cash flow and revenue, Tungsten Network prioritised a project to move their supplier billing platform to Salesforce and allow subscription based billing system for customers. This would help Tungsten to automate internal processes and allow customers to self serve during onboarding or when they decide to upgrade and increase their transactions. My role was to be the voice of the customer and create the smoothest onboarding journey for new customers as well as a seamless management of their account and upgrade paths.

Personas, User Journeys & Wireframes

Together with the Product Manager, BA and Technical Leads, we collaborativley workshoped with various stakeholders and teams to understand the "As is" back office process. After a number of workshops we collaborativley defined the "To be" backend process using story mapping techniques to help create seamless user journeys, the relevant email notifications to be sent and key functional requirements. 



Once these were defined, we then moved on designing the interface while gathering feedback and iterating to further improve the experience. Based on feedback:

  1. We added FAQs section which is linked to an external Salesforce knoweldge based platform mainted by customer support.
  2. On checkout it was also mentioned it would be helpful to include a summary of the items to be purchased while completing the transaction.
  3. In many instances there are multiple billing contacts for larger customers so we add the ability to manage multiple contacts.


Challenges & Next Steps

Business stakeholders were hesitant to get feedback from customers on the designs and pricing models due to the sensitive nature of Tungsten's business model of charging WebForm suppliers. Competitors pricing models are free for suppliers using Webform and only charge when they integrate. The portal also has poor user experience and is a challenge for suppliers to submit their invoices. My suggestion was to introduce a freemium to premium model, and also improve the user experience of the portal so customers can see value and more likely to upgrade.